Expanding horizons

Hi all!

I’m back with some news since my previous posts. After summer 2023 I had the privilege to work on a Synapse serverless / Spark based data lakehouse, and subsequently I took on a role as Cloud Data advisor for a large Cloud IT program at CIZ, a subsidiary of sorts for the Dutch ministry of Public health, wellbeing and Sports. So what, I hear you thinking:

The first assignment was my first as the hands-on lead, building a Spark based solution. As a SQL guy, this was big for me. And really cool: less code, more smarts, and more flexibility towards the future to incorporate third party libraries for next level data governance, quality management, master data management and smart analysis. Also, I got to work with family, which was awesome, my nephew did really wel. Junior in title, pretty senior by the way handled himself!

Secondly, as a cloud advisor, what even is that? A humble translation is Santa’s little helper, Santa being the program management team. Or, and this sounds way better, the executive branch of the program management team. It’s a quality assurance role, so I got to delve into aspects of IT delivery that weren’t running smoothly, whether information security, cloud (including Fabric) architecture, or software testing approaches. Since the program was executed at a governmental organization I got a good hard look into pretty strict IT security compliancy, IT project tendering and more, often at C-level, which I appreciate, as that’s where I can learn and develop myself.

All in all I’ve been busy, learned a lot of new stuff, most interestingly about myself and what drives me: building cool products and services, with a team, in an environment where I can learn and develop. Sounds familiar? What drives you guys these days?

Until next time,

Regards, Sjoerd