This is not a replacement and/or duplicate of my professional experience listed on LinkedIn. I wouldn’t be worth my salt as a data professional if I encouraged such data duplication across silo’s and all hassles that comes with, right? You can find my LinkedIn profile here.

What you can find here is the story behind the projects I did, the ‘rode draad’ in Dutch, which roughly translates to ‘common themes’:

People centric: I love working in a team. To come to the best solutions together, and develop myself and my team. And to help non-BI-geeks understand the challenges, pitfalls and value of Analytics projects. To create a common understanding to manage project success together. This comes naturally to me, and as a result I often find myself in ‘managing’ roles. I say that with quotes, as my main skill is designing and delivering data platform solutions. I love this combination, as both aspects (guidance and delivery) are required for truly successfull data driven transformations.

Tech interest: As a kid I built my own PC’s with my dad. Fried some motherboards. Built local networks, websites and programmed some games (Asteroids!). Nowadays I focus on Enterprise data solutions (mostly Azure, Databricks, and competitors such as Snowflake, BigQuery and SAP BI), which is a huge space to track so that consumes most of my time. Consumer tech news steals my attention as well though…

Value oriented: My early career started at First Consulting, currently Valcon. The culture at the time was that Apps and Data we’re cool, but only to service ‘business projects’. Which meant all App and Data efforts needed to deliver direct and explicit business value. No ‘Enablement’, ‘Data driven’, ‘Technology edge’ mumbo-jumbo, just explainable bottom-line impact on the business (new services, efficiencies, collaboration, etc.). A mind-set I keep with me today, because as inherently cool as Data Analytics Solutions today are, they always must stand up to the scrutiny of someone (often not a Data professional) asking ‘and how does this bring value to our organization…?’